Amy Cisar : KDL WEstern Marshal arts Group

Beautiful Solo... these horses are just so fine tuned and responsive, I've never been on anything like them. I felt like a beginner again! It was quite a challenge, but an amazing learning experience.

The Hampton Court Flower Show : British roses

Thank you for an excellent day,Briar really added a new dimension to the presentation.No one expected a live Knight and his horse.

Miss Emily Burns : head of special events for English heritage

Historical Equitation has provided displays for English Heritage for a number of years - initially full contact jousting shows but also, more recently, Victorian side-saddle displays as well. Historical Equitation share English Heritage's aims of combining authenticity with entertainment -  their shows are always of the highest quality and receive nothing but positive comments from our visitors. I have always found the team very reliable and a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for top quality, exciting historical displays.