July 14-15                            Festival of History Kelmarsh, English Heritage
July 21-22                            Kenilworth Castle Joust, English Heritage
July 21-22                            Tattershall Castle, Lincs
July 24-29                            Arundle Castle, West Śussex
August 18-19                      Battle of Bosworth, Leic
August 25-27                      Joust, Pensthorpe House, Norfolk
August 30-September 3  International Joust Event, Sankt Wendel, Germany
October 13-14                    Battle of Hastings, Sussex

Past events this year include
  • British Roses at Hampton Court Flower Show
  • Eltham Palace South London
  • Harewood House
  • Osborne House Isle of Wight,Victorian Gymkhana -  supplying horses and riders for the Jubilee Weekend celebrations 
  • Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire
  • Arundel Castle International Joust
  • Leeds Castle Olympic Torch celebrations
  • Wrest Park, Bedfordshire
  • Jousting in Malta
  • Sankt Wendel Joust Germany
  • Guardians to the Richard 111 archaeological dig in Grey friars Leicester