One of the most visual parts of our shows are the skill-at-arms competitions.

We can train you and your group to learn the skills required to excel in this traditional cavalry discipline. Most importantly you and your horse will have a lot of fun as you learn the cavalry skills of yesteryear.

For re-enactors we will tailor your sessions to the pertinent skills developed during your chosen period (including fighting on foot, cavalry vs infantry and the charge).

We can help with drill, formation tactics and movement on the field. 

Basic Skills.

You don't have to be an expert rider to join in. We offer lessons in the basics of horse riding 

(left) A student on the lunge during his first ever lesson.
N.B. His great riding position!

Have fun and learn something new!

Teach yourself and your horse to have fun and try a new discipline! This can develop confidence for both the horse and rider.