medieval Jousting

We are world renown for our horses and jousting events.As suppliers of events  to major organisations across Europe we have the experience and knowledge to provide an entertaining and historically correct event.
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All our jousting events are based upon 15th century rules and techniques.Sources such as Rene of Anjou`s Tournament book and  Bem Calavgar by Dom Duarte King of Portugal are carefully studied and applied .Our armours are painstakingly replicated by craftsmen who are at the height of the their armouring powers.

 It is possible to chose two types of event. The most authentic solid lances from freshly cut trees, or the explosive breaking end style that spreads showers of wood across the arena to the delight of enthralled audiences across the world.



Join the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Victorian Gymkhana as they compete aside and astride in a thrilling display of equestrian sport.

A great deal of research went into the outfits our Ladies wear.All are based on patterns from the late 19th century.
From the left Dr Kate Vigurs,Mrs Lucy Amos,Ms TJ Brennan and Miss Kyle Van Dolah. Our Ladies all ride aside (in side -saddles) and make a colourful  and educational addition to a period event.

Dr Kate Vigurs on Percy