As a young boy Dominic was fascinated by knights and war horses. He never grew out of this love for the medieval period, so in 1996 with other like minded individuals, 'Destrier' was formed. Based in England Destrier is Europe's foremost calvary re-enactment group.After being encouraged by TV star Mike Lodes in 2000 Dominic has gone on to joust internationally and is currently considered one of the top exponents of the sport.

Based in Cambridgeshire, Dominic has run Historic Equitation Ltd from Churchfield Farm for the last three years. Dominic keeps nine horses that he trains and schools according to classical methods.

In January 2012 Dominic went into business with Karen Clarke. Karen is the Business Manager as well as schooling and training the horses. She also prepares the horses and coordinates all the events. 

Next year Dominic will be working alongside English Heritage in a project  to show the  classical teaching methods used by  William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle, England's most famous riding master in his riding house at Bolsover Castle.

 The Order of the Crescent

Dominic is a member of the Order of the Crescent who are an re-created Order first established by King Rene of Anjou in the mid-fifteenth century(this order disbanded upon his death).